Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 39: The Emotional Side

I will admit I was a little freaked out when I woke up this morning to small gain, given that it was my first dropless day. It scared me, but then I realized I didn't eat dinner until almost 9 and I'm not convinced the tomato paste I used was 100% on program. And I tried miracle noodles for the first time last night (they were good, but maybe not the smartest idea this close to the end of P2).

So today is all about water and being on program. Fighting through the hunger. I would really like to get that last pound off and I have two more weigh ins to do it (I'm counting my Sunday AM weigh in since I will have been on program all day Saturday).

The next phase is going to be an emotional roller-coaster for me. I know they give you a 2 pound window to flux in, but I just don't want to. I want to continue to lose. I want to get down another 15-20 lbs. Realistically, my goal is another 10 before my birthday at the end of April.  I'm not sure how that will work with the diet, but I'm sure going to try. Continuing to eat healthy and working out will be key.

Healthy 2013 is off to a great start, but I still have so far to go!

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