Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning My New Normal

The first few days of this phase have been hard. It's been and up and down game on the scale, and it's been frustrating and difficult in a lot of ways. I've shed a few tears and had a few freak out moments. What I've discovered is that this is a lifestyle change. For a minute I think I had forgotten that. I thought I lost 26 lbs and I would at least have that while I worked on losing more. Not so, though. I still have to be careful. I still have to learn HOW to eat right and make smart choices. I have to learn that not everything will work with my body and not to eat EVERYTHING at once. It's been a struggle. I quickly gained a pound and a half. Talked to my friend Pam yesterday and realized maybe, for the first time ever, I wasn't eating enough fat in my diet. Really tried to add more for dinner last night. Was down a 1.2 this morning and just a little over the baseline I'm supposed to use for this phase. They give you 2 pounds either way of your last weigh in. 2 pounds under is exciting. 2 pounds over kind of makes me want to puke :)

So, here's to learning. Hopefully stabilizing quickly so I don't have to worry too much about what I'm putting in my body. with every bite. And hopefully next time someone has Pizza X bread sticks, I can eat one, because those are YUMMY!

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