Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week One: Updating on P3

Well, I think I made it through week 1 of P3 successfully. They give you 2 pounds on either end of your ending weight to flux in, and I think I've hit all of them. Since I weighed in so early today (oh, Sunday, I think I'm going to start banning the scale on you), I'm not really sure if I should be doing a correction day or not. I was as good as I think I could have been yesterday, but maybe over-indulged in some spinach dip (with a fork, not chips) last night at dinner. Plus eating later than normal. Plus not getting nearly enough water in. It made for a bad combo. Instead of freaking out, I'm going to eat really clean today and hope for the best tomorrow on the scale, even though we are eating out with friends for lunch.

This phase has been difficult and tricky. It's not the emotional excitement of losing weight every day; instead it's the fear of jumping on the scale and it suddenly having something very different than what you thought it was going to say going on. It's about learning what my body can have and not have (and when to say no to cheese. I've been eating a lot of cheese. the day after I eat cheese my body seems to go up). While I haven't had to do a realy correction day yet, depending on the scale it may be tomorrow.

I have 11 days before my mom comes to town. I would love to stabilize about 2 pounds under where I am right now before that happens. So, off to drink some more water and not snack this morning. Or this afternoon. Or ever again. Weekends are definitely the hardest part of this whole thing!!

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  1. I LOVE FOOD, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! So happy that you are doing well P3 is my favorite (not) but your so close I sorta did a modified P2 and P3 also weekend suck and so do nights! So happy for you :) I need to figure out how to post pics so that you can see how far I have come do you have any!