Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 15: Passing Tests

Another okay loss last night. As much as I want to be one of those people that loses a lot of weight on  this diet, it looks like I will be pretty much average. Not that that is a bad thing - average is still a lot less than I weighed when I started this thing.

So far, I haven't had to be in too many social situations where my diet has caused me to struggle. Today was the first time. I am typing this blog post at the food court of the local mall. The 14 other people I am in an all-day meeting with today are at lunch together at a Chinese restaurant. I didn't go. It was hard. I am proud of myself for not cheating, but I'm feeling a little lonely.

I know the extreme part of the diet is just temporary, but right now it feels like forever.

I've been debating doing the 26 day plan instead of the 40. I know I have more than enough weight to do the 40. The 26 might work better with my life schedule in February. But on the other hand, what's 14 more days when I've already done so much.  Right now another 25 days of this seems like a LONG time. Another 11 doesn't seem so overwhelming.

Decisions, decisions....


  1. This sounds like the conversation that I have with myself about cheating and just having one fry or a bite of a roll. I know 40 seems like forever this is how long my round is going to be as well and I am on day 8 :( I think if it was easy then everyone would do it but its not it challenges our weakness and in the end makes us that much stronger I think that is why this diet really only works for peoeple who have 50+ pounds to lose because those of us who do know heavy and dont want to go back so we are willing to make the changes to stay that way. Think of it this way in 23 days you will be that much closer to your goal body weight and health! We can do this :)

    1. so true. and TOM started today, so that isn't helping. I just know there will be a couple really hard days over the next few weeks (traveling, super bowl party, etc) and I don't want to be too stressed to enjoy those things, too! Today was also a hard day. Skipped a work lunch, felt bad about having to skip, you know the drill!