Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 24: Hard to keep track of the days

First of all, I made a great dinner last night: chicken, garlic, orange segments, ginger, lemon juice. Saute it all and let it sit covered for about 20 minutes on low. I put it on a bed of Boston lettuce (okay, life half a head of Boston lettuce) with some Bragg's Amino Acids on it. Yummy, warm and filling. I think that is part of what I've been missing on this diet - I haven't been cooking and experimenting like I would like!

I'm in a comfortable routine at this point. Get up, weigh in, go to work, drink coffee, lunch, work, dinner, relax. I'm not doing a whole lot, but it's fine. When I first started this, i thought blogging every day would be easy. The reality is, though, there's just not a lot to say from one day to the next.  I am so excited to see Liz on Saturday and to hang out with my small group friends on Sunday. I am a little nervous what being way off schedule will do to my diet and weight loss, but it's fine.

There are foods I miss, but I'm actually excited that this is my new lifestyle. I'm looking forward to some little splurges here and there, but mostly I'm happy with the food I'm eating and I'm happy with the way I'm approaching food. I'm looking forward to eating more, and adding more dairy and fat to my diet, but it's all good.

I've lost 19 lbs. I would love to lose another pound before tomorrow, but my weight loss has slowed down a lot this week. Four weeks in, and I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But boo to slowing down!

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  1. I hate hate hate it when the weight loss slows its like all this for that? Really!!! I know how you feel but I also know from having done this diet so many times that for me the first round I drop the weight fast then the second and third rounds are a lot slower. I am happy you are seeing the excitement in finding new things to try. Your meal sounds amazing! I dont have a talent for cooking but wish I did. I hope that you have a Great day! :)