Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 20: Halfway Home

Whelp, the diet is 1/2 way done (at least this portion). It's Sunday, so that means I had to get up earlier than usual and weigh in about 2.5 hours before I normally do. The result of that was that I was up .2 for the first time during this whole thing.

Now, there was a time when a teeny gain like that would send me into obsessive-psycho mode, but this morning it didn't. I was just like, whelp, that could be anything. Weighing in at a different time; eating all my food later than normal, water weight, body flux. I'm not freaking out. I'm disappointed, because even staying the same would have been nice, but I don't feel bad about having dinner out with Tim last night. I don't feel bad about enjoying my smoked chicken on a bed of lettuce. It wasn't bad for me. I've lots 16.4 lbs in 18 days. I think that's something to celebrate, and I'm not letting one bad morning on the scale send me into over-zealous mode or convince me that this isn't worth doing.

It may be natural for some, but for me, my borderline obsessive personality with dieting, and my emotional reactions to most things, this is called PROGRESS.

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