Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 7: Another Monday

Sorry for the grumpy post yesterday. I was feeling very sorry for myself and wanted to have a bit of a pity party, apparently. I also get emotional when I don't feel well, so that, added to the diet frustrations, didn't make for a good day.

I'm determined to make today better. I'm still not feeling great. I'm wondering if it is my body detoxing, but I thought I would feel better after that happened, not worse. Interesting. Or, I could just be fighting some random sickness. Who knows. I also started taking a daily vitamin again. I don't know if that affects things or not.

Goals for today:
  • Drink at least 6 of my Tervis tumblers (the big one) of water. I am SICK of water already. I know it's fine and healthy, but it's BORING!!
  • Stay on protocol (I haven't cheated yet, even though I have sooooo wanted to)
  • Survive my first group experience tonight. We have small group, and I'm sure it will be great. I just don't want to be tempted with foods (even though there probably won't be much there)
  • Go to bed early and catch up on my rest
  • Have a better, more positive attitude about this experience.

Food today:
Breakfast: Drops, 1 full Tervis of water, Coffee
Lunch: Drops, 1 full Tervis of water, remainder of soup mixture I've had the last two days, Melba
Dinner: Drops, 100g lean steak, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 cup cucumber, Melba

In the first 5 days of tracking my weight, I've lost 7.8 lbs. I'm impressed with that number, but still wish it were more. I also realize that it's about a pound a day, which is what the protocol said would be likely. I have some goals for myself, though. Losing another 8 lbs will put me at my first milestone. Hopefully, with this weight loss continuing, that will happen sometime next week!

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