Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 17: The Mental Block

I think there comes a point in every diet, lifestyle change, whatever you call it, where it becomes mind over matter. I am not particularly craving anything, other than peppermint, because I LOVE peppermint. I am enjoying my fruit, veggies and even didn't hate the Tilapia I made for dinner last night. Things are going great.

Here is where the discipline comes in: I want to snack. I want just a bit of this and a bit of that. I'm a little hungry, but more than that, I just like to have a piece of candy or a roll with dinner. That has been the harder part of this process this week. I'm getting used to the diet, but I want the social stuff to be normal. Two days in a row of lunchtime appointments have me stressed and frustrated because I want to share in meals with friends without telling the whole world that I'm on a diet. I look to next weekend and know I will have a hard weekend of hanging out with a friend, doing a Super Bowl party, etc. Lots of temptations in lots of places. I hope I'm strong enough to stay on target!

And, quite frankly, I do miss eating out some. I like the eating out experience a lot. I know we're saving a ton of money, but having someone else prepare and clean up a meal sounds divine right now!

In other news, I lost my 15th lb today.
I'm .8 from my first goal. After that, I have several other goals to reach. 
I'm 11.8 from a t-shirt Tim bought me a year ago that was a weight loss gift (that never took off). 
I'm 21.8 from a DVD that's been waiting for me as another gift for over a year.
I'm 28.8 from the thinnest I've been in my adult life.

It all still seems so overwhelming to me, but I have to think of how far I've come! I would love to at least hit that T-shirt goal before this phase of the diet is over. Right now I'm more than on pace to do that. I'm less than halfway through the phase (if I do the full 40 days).

Here's to hoping!


  1. Be still my heart even hearing or talking about a roll makes my mouth water heart pound and makes me think about going to my favorite bakery and ordering a dozen! I feel you on the snacking bit I am so into sancking I am now seeing that I was an impulsive eater and I am still dreaming at night about food :/ I am so excited about your goals I love getting close to them and hitting them is the best feeling ever! Dont hope ;) just do it! Were in this together. Good luck today dont give in to the fries or dt. coke.

  2. So far, so good. Although it's been hard to get my water in. Meetings ALL the livelong day have made it almost impossible. Here's to guzzling when I get home. Blech.