Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 23: Patience is a Virtue

I'm finding myself easily disappointed in small movements on the scale this week. I think it's because I'm so close to that 20 lb mark - I just want to get there already! But, then I'll want to get to 25 - then 30, then - it's never going to end, even when I'm finally at goal (whatever goal ends up being). I'm finding my original goal maybe a little hard to get to!

I've been thinking a lot about what the post Phase 2 of this diet is going to look like - I'm excited, scared and nervous all at once. I want to not stop where I end in the middle of February. I know I need to go through Phase 3 and 4 and do it right. But, I want to keep losing after that. I've read people have a hard time losing after doing this without doing that again, but I'm stubborn and determined, so hopefully that won't be a problem!

Me and water are going to be buddies. I'm on program and hoping for a BIG loss tomorrow!


  1. How did your apple day go? or is that today... I am also scared about phase 2 and 3 not sure I have ever in all my times doing this diet truly followed the phase 2 & 3 but maybe now that we have someone to do it with we might be able to. I was also going to ask how much water are you consuming in oz? I am hopeful that tomorrow will have a big loss :) Good luck cant wait to hear!

  2. I didn't do the apple day since the scale moved this morning. But I did try some smooth move tea last night to no real success. I just feel stuffed (ewww) and wish that would get going already. Going to try more tonight ;)

    I'm trying to get in 130 oz of water a day. It's not easy. If i get most of it in at work, that helps. Today I'm behind, so i'm going to have to chug the bottle that is sitting here staring at me and then open another one. I've been bringing bottles in full of my water from home.