Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 18: Ugh!

I'm .2 away from my first goal. .2! That could be anything!!! I kept stepping on the scale just to see if I could magically get that last .2 to go away, but no luck. So, hopefully tomorrow. I guess it's just good incentive to be really good today and hope that tomorrow is another big day!

But, still. UGH!

I did my measurements for the third time last night. To-date I've lost 10 inches off various parts of my body (3.5 waist, 4.2 chest, 1.3, thigh, 1 arm), which is crazy to me. My clothes are starting to feel a little looser. I'm hoping another 10 lbs and I'll really notice the difference.

Yesterday was the first day someone other than Tim noticed I was losing weight. YAY for that.

I'm nervous about tomorrow. We are going to an Eagle watch (in the bitter cold) and then Tim wants to eat at a BBQ restaurant in Terre Haute. I so want him to still be enjoying everything, but I just don't know that there is anything there that I can eat. So, I'm thinking I will pack some strawberries and chicken and just eat that while he eats tempting, mouth-watering yummy food. He did say we could skip the pie factory this time.

One of the hardest parts of this has been balancing wanting to make sure he's happy and enjoying dinners, etc and my discipline. This is, by far, the most disciplined I've ever been on a diet. I think I'm just scared to cheat, because if I cheat I know I'll cheat again. I'm 18 days into this crazy thing and there are still SOOO many days to go. I haven't had a gain, yet. I had three days of close to stalling last week. But I didn't cheat, even though I wanted to.

I do miss family dinners. I miss eating with my husband and just that time together. I know it's all temporary, but temporary feels like forever right now!

I am so excited to get to phase 3. There are so many recipes I've found that I want to try; so many yummy things to eat and plan and enjoy. It's amazing what adding more fruits and some cheese to my diet is going to do for me. I'm still anxious to be able to eat cereal again. Is that phase 4?

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  1. You are so amazing I dont think I could go to those yummy places and not decide that I was going to induldge...Congrats on being so close to goal so so exciting. 10 inches is AWESOME too now I want to go measure :)Happy weekend I hope we both can stay stong!