Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 16: In a routine...and wanting to break it.

Since I started the diet portion of this plan, I have lost a pound a day. That's crazy to think about. I've been eating right, and generally feeling good about it. I have had a couple tiny cheats here and there (a bite of brownie, a piece of candy) but overall, I've been better at this and more dedicated to it than I have been anything in the last 8 years or so. I think for me part of it has been the limiting options. As bored as I am of food, I don't find myself adding just a little extra pasta to my serving, or not really measuring out my food. I am sticking to the plan, and it is working. It's just such a slow process, still. I don't look any different. My clothes don't fit any different. I am waiting for those changes to kick in and then I think I'll feel like it's been worth it.

Today I want to cheat on my diet. Not because of anything specific, but just because fries and a diet coke sound perfect. This is also the first time since starting this thing that I don't have dinner planned out and I don't have long to eat between work and the basketball game. That's when I'd usually run through a drivethru or throw a pizza in the oven to eat quickly. But, I'm determined not to do that today. Even though it sounds so much easier and more fun than going to the grocery store in that limited time.

Today is the first day where the fact that I'm  not supposed to eat the same protein for both meals is also frustrating. I had chicken for lunch. If I could have chicken for dinner, I would do that. But, I can't. So...plan B.

I would like some Tuna. That actually sounds really good. Is Tuna allowed? Time to do some Internet research!

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