Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 21: Recovery Feels Grand

Day 21.

If I was on the shorter program, I would be just a few days away from moving on to the next Phase and reintroducing some of my favorite foods to the diet. I've been going crazy on Pinterest lately pinning yummy recipes that (I think) will be lifestyle appropriate for the rest of my life. I do miss my carbs, but not like I thought I would. I feel good. I feel healthier than I've felt in years. I do miss the ease and convenience of picking up a sandwich when I'm pooped from cooking and cleaning. Mostly I miss hot foods. I feel like I don't have enough of a choice when it comes to warm, yummy food. I'm sure there are recipes out there that I could find to make Phase 2 more enjoyable. And, since I still have 19 days left of this, it might be time to find some of those recipes. I think I'll risk adding some cauliflower to my diet this week and see what that does. Apparently most people don't have problems adding it at this stage.

I'm now just a couple pounds away from where I was when I got married. Hard to believe. It's taken over 6 years to get back to it. I've gained and lost and gained and lost for a long time. Breaking through my next goal (in just 8.8 lbs) will put me just a few pounds away from where I was when Tim and I started dating. That's crazy.

I don't feel like my body is changing all that much, still. I guess it is because I see myself every day. But, who knows. I'm getting anxious to work out more. I want to do crunches and sit ups and even my silly Wii Fit. I haven't been getting enough exercise these last few weeks (frigid temps don't help), and I'm ready to get active again.

I found some Hansen's fruit punch to flavor water this week. It's sweetened with Stevia, which is the approved sweetener for this phase, so I'm hoping it won't affect weight loss. I also bought a 6 pack of black cherry Zevia, which is a soda-like drink. I'm hoping it will take the edge off wanting a diet coke!


  1. So did you like the Zevia? LOVE the idea of the flavored fruit punch pack I might have to get some YUM! So awesome that your killing the diet keep it up!

  2. I am having one for lunch here in a few minutes, so I will let you know. The Hansen's drink mix was super yummy. I used one packet all day yesterday - just added enough every time to give my water some flavor. It's not cheap, but helps with the water intake so i'll take it.

  3. Sweet! I am adding it to my list of items to pick up. So I might need some help in Phase 2 food ideas do you have a place where you get meal ideas from? Let me know I had a book but lost it :/ Plus I need to figure out how to post photos I didnt do a before photo probly because I was so bummed with how I look but I am going to have one taken today and add it with the photo of what I want to look like when I was thinner. I think this will help me judge just how much I have lost or am loosing.

  4. right now i'm just kind of winging it. Which means I'm bored to death with food :) I'm debating buying the ebook on the hcg site where i got the drops, just for ideas.

    My meals are usually:

    Apple, Celery, Cottage cheese for lunch
    Strawberries or Blackberries, Spinach and Chicken for dinner.

    BORED! And still 18 days to go!

  5. So do you like shrimp? Thats one of my most favorite things to eat on this diet I eat them with half a lemon squeesed on to it and then I usually will do a salad or asparagus which I have only recently started to really LOVE. Do you just not like red meat or sea food? I know that my of my old dr OKed low fat tuna and I would eat that with tomatoes and it was good. Hope this helps!

  6. i don't, sadly. I have a serious texture issue with food. It's pathetic, but i can't eat them because they're WAY TOO chewy!!